It is my pleasure to provide a testimonial to Knight Easton Adjusters. On May 15, 2011 Slave Lake Alberta suffered a devastating wildfire loss destroying 433 homes and damaging countless others. Peace Hills Insurance had 113 claims of which 22 were total losses making it our single largest catastrophe in corporate history. We turned to Knight Easton who not only are a very competent adjusting firm but also had extensive experience with the Kelowna fires of 2003. The wealth of knowledge they brought to bear on the Slave Lake disaster allowed Peace Hills to stand out from the crowd in a dramatic fashion. We have received many complements from our clients and our brokers on the proficient and skilful handling of these losses. Through Knight Easton's expertise we were able to anticipate many of the issues that would arise and dealt with them proactively. Knight Easton has been and continues to be the 'face' of Peace Hills in this disaster response and we are thankful for the extraordinary service they provide.

Robert Doiron BA CIP
Vice President, Claims
Peace Hills Insurance


The Mutual Insurance Company of British Columbia has had a longstanding relationship with Randy Knight and Steve Easton, and has been very pleased with the service provided by their firm.
When an insurance company hires the services of an independent adjusting firm, it is critical that the personnel are knowledgeable in every facet of the industry. They must portray a professional image, possess excellent common sense and maintain high ethical standards. The Mutual Fire Insurance Company of British Columbia is confident that, when we submit a claim to Knight Easton & Associates, our policyholders are being taken care of by one of the best insurance adjusting firms in the industry today.

When a claim arises, an insurance company wants to take care of that policyholder promptly, fairly, and with integrity. That is the reason we have called on Knight Easton & Associates in the past, why we use them now, and why we will continue our lasting relationship with them for years to come.

Darin Lord Nessel
Chief Executive Officer
The Mutual Insurance Company of British Columbia


Our company's ski resort operations present numerous risk management challenges. We recognize the need to provide compassionate response to our guests while still protecting ourselves from unfair claims. We believe creating "heroic recoveries" for our customers who experience problems at our resort. After some searching for an adjusting organization that shared our philosophy toward claims management, we were pleased to meet the team at Knight Easton & Associates.

We have been very pleased with Knight Easton & Associate's thorough management of our claims. They recognize that our claimants are also our customers and, as such, they should be treated in a respectful manner. This approach has yielded great results for us in both customer-satisfaction and claims-cost levels. We offer our recommendation of Knight Easton & Associates for claims management services.

Jay Hayashi
General Manager